Who is ISA Bullion?
ISA Bullion provides a full range of trading, execution, assaying, refining and vaulting services in physical Gold & Silver, allowing clients worldwide to buy and sell physical bullion. ISA Bullion acts as the custodian of your bullion, insuring and depositing it in high security vaults in Dubai.
We are the sole distributors of the Krugerrand coin for Rand Refinery in the Middle East.

What is the minimum quantity of bullion that can be traded?
The minimum quantity of gold that can be traded is 1 kilobar.
The minimum quantity of silver that can be traded is 100 kilobars.

Is the bullion physical or paper based?
All trades executed with ISA Bullion are physical bullion only.

Where is my bullion stored?
Your bullion is transported and stored in a vault with one of our LBMA approved vaulting partners. Currently our vaulting partners include Brinks Global Services and Transguard (Emirates Group).All of them have fully insured state of the art security vaults in Dubai.

Can I take physical delivery?
Yes. You can take physical delivery of the bullion at any point. But note that once the bullion leaves the approved chain of custody, some of its value could be lost due to risk of tampering. Re-casting charges would be applicable to bars that are brought back for sale.

How do I make payments for bullion purchases?
You can transfer funds to our bank account in any manner, or deposit a cheque into our account.

Can I send funds after I have purchased bullion?
No, we require cleared funds in our account before a bullion purchase can be made.

What are the fees/charges?
The fees/charges vary depending on the product and quantities, for further details please contact us.